CRM based on Excel

A new level of accounting based on familiar tables. CRM package for Excel

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Integrate new Excel features for your business in 24 hours

Make your business more efficient

Take your business to the next level with a wide range of options

No customer will be lost again.

All applications in one place.

Integrate email and most popular messengers to quickly respond to customer requests.

Integrate telephony with the ability to record phone calls.

Control customer relationships

Raise your business awareness

Boost your conversions.

Take advantage of inline marketing.

Use Email and SMS mailing lists.

Tailor your sales funnel to fit your business.

The manager can always see at what stage the deal is.

Set up robots to automate sending notifications to the client.

Track transaction statuses

Import clients from all social networks.

Integration with 1C - Bukh, UT, UNF.

Export contacts to .csv, Excel, Outlook.

Import contacts from Gmail, Outlook, Yandex,

Synchronize data with other systems

сOptimize decision time.

Optimize decision time.

Form the order of business processes.

Optimize business processes

Get end-to-end real-time analytics.

Organize your data

Become more customer-focused by improving the quality of service.

Store all the necessary information about applications to focus on more profitable customers.

Register requests from different channels.

Everything you need in one program

Place the schedule with online registration for classes on your website or social networks. The widget is synchronized with the program: the client can log in and sign up himself, his entry will appear in FitBase. All changes in the schedule are instantly displayed in the widget and in the application.


VIP support 24/7

web cluster


Documents Online

eCommerce platform


12000 UAH

Documents Online

Корпоративный портал от 50 до 500 пользователей
eCommerce platform


2000-5500 UAH

If you collect business in blocks

eCommerce platform


990 UAH block

Make your business more efficient

Take your business to the next level with a wide range of options

User-friendly interface, comprehensive analytics, wide integration options, online fiscalization are just some of the advantages of the system. Definitely recommend!

Petrushchenko Anastasia

Director of the construction company KFK.

Mikhail Strishchenko

CRM allowed to keep records of potential customers,

allowed better control of managers. Now there are no forgotten clients, amoCRM always reminds you of calls and tasks.

Owner of Business Partner LLC

Co-founder of VamDoDoma, an IKEA delivery service.

Kiytso Maxim

This is a very useful thing for entrepreneurs. It has the widest functionality and tools for doing business in almost any available type of entrepreneurial activity. All accounting and transactions are conducted online. The service is provided with reliable protection of entrepreneurs' credentials from hackers and malware. Great service for business.

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