Ring lamps

Shoot high-quality photo and video content with the right lighting from UAH 1,490

Payment ONLY upon receipt.

365 days warranty.

Shipping NP

As a gift lavalier microphone for filming.

Discounts up to 20% on the lamp + Lavalier microphone as a gift!

The lowest prices on the market!

Lavalier microphone for even more professional shooting as a gift!

*Offer is limited. Only 32 sets left!

The ring lamp will improve the quality
photo 10 times

The ring lamp gently removes shadows from the face and makes it smooth in the photo.

The look becomes expressive and attracts to itself.

The skin acquires a pleasant matte shade.

The light from the lamp does not hurt the eyes, which allows you to work under it for a long time.

Photos do not require additional processing.


Lamp Slim

100 usd.
4 990 грн.
Choose color:

Suitable for:

Power: 10W

Number of LEDs: 120

Diameter: 26 cm


Beauty masters;


Video review

Pro Light Lamp

100 usd.
7 250 грн.
Choose color:

Suitable for:

Power: 24W

Number of LEDs: 240

Diameter: 35cm


Beauty masters;


Video review

Basic lamp

100 usd.
10 250 грн.
Choose color:

Suitable for:

Power: 60W

Number of LEDs: 480

Diameter: 45.5 cm


Beauty masters;


Lamp RL-18

100 usd.
9 890 грн.
Choose color:

Suitable for:

Power: 55W

Number of LEDs: 512

Diameter: 45.5 cm


Beauty masters;


Video review

Prime lamp

100 usd.
11 600 грн.
Choose color:

Suitable for:

Power: 60W

Number of LEDs: 480

Diameter: 45.5 cm


Beauty masters;


Video review

Max Pro lamp

100 usd.
12 800 грн.
Choose color:

Suitable for:
Power: 90W

Number of LEDs: 480

Diameter: 45.5 cm

Beauty masters;
Video review

Order Max Pro ring lamp


-20% for any lamp


ring lamp

Floor tripod 0.8-1.9 meters

Mount for smartphone and camera

brand bag


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Warranty card for 12 months

Connection cable

Get a free consultation
choosing a lamp
delivery and payment options


All lamps contain LEDs
last generation:
SMD 2835.
Their validity period
over 7 years.

Reliable fastening
for phone.
any model.

Stylish included
and a light bag
to carry the lamp.

Bluetooth-пульт для
быстрого создания
фото и видео
к каждой лампе.
No more looking for an outlet!
Lamp can work
without network connection
with battery

Power adapter,
which can withstand any
voltage surges.
Nothing will stop
your work.

Advanced tripod
with anti-slip coating
which provides
lamp stability
The most reliable guarantee

Own service center for the repair of lamps.

Guarantee for all complete set 1 year.

Warranty card included with the lamp.

If a breakdown occurs after the end of the warranty, we will perform a service repair.

If the lamp is damaged upon delivery to you, we will replace the lamp under warranty.

If you accidentally break a lamp, we will make a complete repair at cost.

Repair is very easy

If the lamp is broken
write to us.

We will send at our own expense
spare part or pick up
repair lamp.

Our masters
repairing a lamp
within 2 days.

Sending the lamp
back to you.

Ring lamps for everyone

Our photo lamps are suitable for everyone who needs
high-quality picture or good lighting:

For studios

For home

Work as long as
need without negative
consequences for the eyes.
From the light of our eye lamps
don't get tired.

Shoot beautiful
videos, do
selfie and drive straight
esters, and when not enough
light, turn on the lamp
and put on makeup.

beauty masters

For bloggers

The lamp will make of the faded,
fuzzy photos -
bright, juicy and
quality photos,
which will 100% stop
customer attention to
your services!

Creation of a quality
bright, without unnecessary shadows
on the face, photo and video -
content that
make you popular!

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We check the lamp and all components, attach the warranty card and pack it so that the lamp reaches you safe and sound.

We send the lamp within 12 hours after placing the order. Delivery time is about 2-4 days in Ukraine.

When the parcel arrives in your city, the courier will contact you to clarify the delivery time.

Upon receipt, be sure to check the lamp for defects!

If you find any defect, we will send you a new lamp on the same day.

Delivery in Ukraine NP

Order payment options

Payment to the courier upon receipt.
You do not transfer any prepayments,
the entire cost of you
pay when you get the lamp

Online payment over the Internet.
If you have a card, you can
pay online.

Payment via current account
for legal entities.

Interest-free installment
from partner banks for 6 months.

You will definitely receive a sales receipt for the purchase.


Good morning World!
And we have a new thing in the salon - it has arrived
our lamp!
Good light is the key to a good photo.
Recommend to colleagues and amateurs
selfie multifunction lamp!
Warranty 1.5 years.

Now I have my own super lamp!
Arrived complete and ready to go
She's cool, there's a selfie mirror, a remote control so you don't torment anyone with a photo, a mirror, and she's also very stylish!
Thanks for the prompt delivery!

I always say that the main thing for a make-up artist is light!
Without light, you can't get that effect, you can't see
small details that decide EVERYTHING!
Now I have a new mirror lamp,
phone and camera mount
with the possibility

For myself, I found the best version of the ring
lamps - PRIME! It's Mega-cool because it's powerful, with a wide range of warm-coldness and color saturation. She is also mobile.
because it can work without electricity
on batteries. It turns out awesome quality video and photos for my blog! Completely different level! Thank you!

About company

Our company works directly with proven manufacturers of ring lamps. We offer already proven models that have earned great popularity and customer trust at the lowest prices.
All goods are in stock and we are constantly supplementing our line with new lamps.
Our managers will carefully help you choose a lamp for your budget and goals.

Our main principle is that the client must be happy.
We work hard every day to ensure that you are satisfied with the quality of your purchase and service.
We offer only high-quality lamps, stable tripods, after-sales service and a 1-year warranty on any purchase.
We want you to be delighted with the purchase for more than one year, so we are in touch with you 24/7 and will always help in any situation.
Our clients become our good friends.

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