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professionals in their field, people with experience of living in an English-speaking environment and knowing the language nuances available only to native speakers

Up Lingua
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founder of the Up Lingua School

Ulzhan Zhazylbekova

Hello! I am Ulzhan, polyglot, linguist, translator, teacher and foreign language expert.
At 29, I am fluent in Chinese, English, Spanish, Ukrainian and Russian. I love learning foreign languages, but most of all I love teaching them. For the last 9 years, I have devoted myself to this. I researched different groups of people, and was looking for the most ideal formula for mastering the English language of different categories of people. Good news for you - we found it!
Since the opening of the school, 1000 students have already confirmed the effectiveness of our methodology and discovered the world in a new way. I will be glad to see you among them.

  • Бакалавр Международных отношений, Магистр Международной безопасности
  • Куратор на курсе (Pre-Intermediate- Intermediate)
  • Преподаватель английского с многолетним стажем
Aigerim Ostrow

Level curator
Pre-Intermediate - Intermediate
Level curator
Beginner - Elementary
Fariza Umirza

  • Куратор на курсе (Beginner - Elementary)
  • Бакалавр Финансов KIMEP University,
  • Дипломированный педагог по английскому языку - The University of Texas at Austin
  • Преподаватель английского с многолетним стажем для детей и взрослых
  • Polyglot, 11 years of English Teaching Experience
  • Head of Cambridge English Official preparation Center of Catalunya, Spain
Noemi Simon
Barcelona, Spain
  • Head of the Eating Disorders Unit
  • Coordinator of the International Mental Health Unit
  • Quirón Dexeus University Hospital
Dr. Katarina Gunnard
Sweden, Stockholm
After completing our course, you will be able to order your own coffee at a London Starbucks, laugh at popular memes, understand the dialogue from your favorite movie/series and much more!

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with native speakers

understand and communicate

We teach not to fill in the fields with the correct answers in the school test, but

1000 students confirmed the effectiveness of our program

Program and methodology tested by years of teaching experience

Bonus speaking sessions with native speakers

Testing before and after, fixing the results

Limited number of places in a group

Individual approach to each student

Checking homework and teacher feedback

The hot price of the whole course is lower than the price of one private lesson

You only need 25 minutes a day

Motivation and drive throughout the program

Pleasant bonuses, prizes and gifts


give gifts for activity

We encourage your success!

Смотри сериалы на английском и развлекайся
Слушай аудиокниги на английском и развивайся
Слушай песни на английском и влюбляйся
ПОДАРОЧНЫЕ СЕРТИФИКАТЫ УЧАСТИЯ В SPEAKING CLUB Прокачивай свой спикинг вместе с носителями



Asselina Saylaubekova

Blogger and eco-activist

I love UpLingua's unusual approach to teaching English. I got a very positive experience, this course helped me overcome the language barrier and I became more confident in communicating with foreigners. There were very cool guys with us on the stream, it was a lot of fun and I liked the warm and sincere atmosphere in the group. Special thanks to the curators for explaining everything so patiently and thoroughly. I will recommend the school to family and friends!

Aliya Baimenova

Sales Specialist at Toyota Financial Services

It's never too late to start learning English. I am so happy that I met Ulzhan at the right time of my life, she is extremelly professional and I learnt so much from her. I overcame my language barrier by joining the Speaking club, I can't believe that now I finally can speak and communicate in English without any fear and language barrier. UpLingua tought me to praise myself instead of critisizing and it played a huge role in my learning process
Denis Lukyanchuk

Travel Agency Director

I want to thank you for the English course! Studying at Up Lingua really helped me grow professionally and greatly raise my level, which at the beginning was basic. Individual approach to each student and unique methods work wonders! My wife is shocked by the result. Now English plays an integral role in my life and I am constantly learning something new. I wish the school to continue to bring knowledge to the masses and share their experience - this is necessary for people

Madina Zhurunova

Power transmission engineer

I am very glad that I nevertheless decided to leave my comfort zone and became a student of the wonderful Up Lingua school. What I like the most is that the school does not just provide learning materials, but teaches skills and techniques for quick assimilation of the material. I don’t know how to explain it, but as soon as I started studying at Up Lingua, my life began to change dramatically and I feel how I am changing myself. It's incredible. I am full of confidence that I will achieve all my goals together with Up Lingua.

The biggest mistake is the fear of making a mistake

(c) Albert Green Hubbard

21 days of immersion in the world of English
Level testing
General chats with curators for motivation and support
Feedback on assignments
Unit for working on the language barrier
Zoom session with native speakers
Vocabulary block
Grammar block with special exercises
Bonus techniques for listening, reading and spelling
Daily rituals that will help you reach the free level faster and more efficiently
Convenient learning platform
Ability to watch lessons at any time of the day


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