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Many people think that there is no point in ordering SMM services if they do not bring direct sales. Yes, sales through social networks are less common. But this does not mean that SMM is useless. In fact, it has advantages that will eventually lead you to profit.

Quality SMM will give you benefits

Subscriber loyalty

Your brand will acquire a “face” and “voice”, it will become unique and recognizable. As a result, you will become attractive to the loyalty of subscribers and potential customers. With the help of SMM, you work to increase brand awareness and secure customers. Community members will not only get acquainted with the assortment, but also with reviews, and will also be able to get useful information and highlight useful insights for themselves. But, most importantly, you will always be in front of your customers.

Be in trend

In social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, you can react with lightning speed to events in the world that are relevant to your niche, thereby always being on the wave.

You will be able to see how the audience reacts to your brand, process negativity and brag about positive reviews that will increase your credibility.

Audience interest

In social networks, you will find a new audience and expand the existing one. Thus, you will become something familiar and "native" for them, which means you can be trusted and treated. In this case, word of mouth works well - you create interesting and useful content, subscribers share it with their friends, and they can join the ranks of your audience.

Brand recognition

In social networks, customers are much more willing to leave reviews than, for example, on the website. And even if the feedback on your work is negative, you can process it, while maintaining a positive image of the company.

Counteracting Negativity

Inova14 agency is an official partner of Facebook!

What does it mean?
That our company's services meet Facebook's high quality standards.
In total there are 3 levels of partnership: Account, Preferred and Premium.
Inova14 has two statuses - Account and Preferred.
Account status - gives you access to materials and tools that allow you to work better with advertising on Facebook.
Preferred status also gives you access to special features, including customer support chat and technical support.
What does this all mean for the client? That Facebook advertising from Inova14 will be effective and of high quality, and all issues will be resolved promptly.

Tilda Publishing
By itself, SMM does not sell. But it will make your brand familiar and desirable. And there is already close to sales.

Why do you need SMM?

• Find your target audience (if you haven't formed one yet)

• Expand your target audience (if you already know who your audience is)

• Convey the value of the company (its main ideas, positioning)

• To reduce the cost of a lead

• Development of an associative series

• Brand ambassadors

Stages of SMM promotion of the company

  • 1

    Profile analysis and mistakes made

    We will conduct a thorough audit of your Facebook or Instagram profile, identify the mistakes that cause you to get low results, and give advice on how to improve the situation.

  • 2

    Competitor analysis

    We will also audit competitors: how often they publish, what positioning they have, the level of subscribers involved, presence on the sites and success.

  • 3

    Development of strategy and product/service positioning

    Positioning is a very important part of brand image. It is this that gives you a "face" and distinguishes you from your competitors. When the positioning is determined, we will develop a strategy in accordance with which we will work to achieve the desired results.

  • 4

    Working out the profile name

    You can be found on social networks not only thanks to advertising, but also simply by entering the desired word into the Instagram search. For example, if you have a confectionery "Chamomile", then you can be found by the name "Chamomile_cakes", and not just "Chamomile".

  • 5

    Creating the right profile header

    The header should contain the main brief information about you: who you are, what you offer, address, contacts for communication, work schedule and USP.

  • 6

    Creating highlights

    They should not just be, but be convenient, informative and outwardly consistent with the style of the brand.

  • 7

    Visual elaboration of the mesh

    This stage includes the design study of the visual part, based on the wishes of the client and the preferences of the target audience.

  • 8

    Content plan for posts.

    We segment posts into categories, select a topic and preliminary content, and also select a suitable post release schedule.

  • 9

    Writing texts by a copywriter

    All posts are written by a specialist, in accordance with the terms of reference and the "tone of voice" of the brand.

  • 10

    Content plan for stories

    Just like with posts, stories should not be random and chaotic - you need to think in advance what and on what day we will publish.

  • 11

    Monthly progress reporting.

    It involves collecting key metrics, perhaps changing the strategy or making adjustments. Then we are waiting for your feedback and plan a strategy for the next month, taking into account the adjustments.

Myths (misconceptions)

about SMM

Smm promotion should bring sales.

Many people think that you can run a commercial Instagram just like a personal one - just post beautiful photos, add tags, and wait for customers to appear and make a profit. But no, every detail is important here, from content (creative and text) to strategy.

The other extreme is to maintain a profile, but not add new headings, do not change the format, and generally stick to the style that was 5 years ago. But the world is changing, you need to match the trends and interests of the audience.

Angry comments should be removed.

"If you pretend that there were no negative reviews, then customers will think that we are great and everything is fine with us." But you can’t fool the audience, and sooner or later, but if you have any problems with a product or service, the audience will know about it, and attempts to hide will not forgive you.

It is better to work through the negative - to show that you care that you will do everything to correct the situation, and at the same time save face.

The main metric is followers.

No, the main metrics in SMM are ER and ERR and reach.
How is the work
over brand awareness
If your brand has just entered the market, then the best way to make yourself known
and "get to know" the potential audience - order promotion
in social networks.

How does this happen:
We determine your target audience (TA): gender, age, interests, income level, occupation, geolocation. In the future, we will create content that will hook exactly those people who need and benefit from your product.

In the first publications, we will introduce the audience to you:
– tell about your company, about the benefits, about the founders. This will show that there are real people behind the brand and will create a "personality" for the brand. And this, in turn, increases the credibility of the product;
– we will show the value of your product not through a dry text, but clearly, understandably and interestingly for the audience;
— we use corporate colors in the visual to achieve an associative range with the brand.

Next, you need to adhere to the regularity of posting - this will help you to be in the sight of your target audience and remind you of yourself. Thus, even if you do not have a product that you can buy every day (for example, installing windows), you will be remembered, and when a situation arises that a potential client needs your product, he will not look far, but will remember you and contact .

Answers to frequently asked questions:


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Design design of the feed and eternal stories
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Starter Service Package
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60 stories per month
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Our services:
Target →
Advertising that accurately targets the gender, age, interests, geography of your client. Thanks to this, we can predict the number of applications for your product.

Analysis, setup and optimization of advertising campaigns to get the most effective results on Google

Promotion in social networks, creating a set of actions to increase brand awareness, increase sales and create contact with the client
Design →
Development of a logo, identity (corporate identity and branding), banners for advertising and printed materials
Website development →
Development of design and content of the site, taking into account all the goals, implementation of the necessary functionality for maximum conversion to the application
A set of works to increase the visibility of the site in search engines for the targeted queries of your business
Facebook Ads →
In order to promote your brand in social networks, you need to order targeted advertising, otherwise your even a very well-designed page will simply not be found.
Instagram Ads→
Here you can sell almost anything, but the most relevant will be to buy ads on instagram to promote products that are not usually searched for on Google.
SMM strategy →
SMM strategy is one of the parts of the entire business marketing strategy. Its main mission is to convey and broadcast the right brand communication in social networks.
by target →
Do you have your own business and have you decided to promote it through social networks? Where to begin? We recommend that you first get a consultation with us on targeted advertising.
Targeted advertising audit →

Launched targeted advertising on Facebook or Instagram, but the result does not justify itself? No need to put an end to this type of advertising - it is better to contact our specialists for advice.

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