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Targeting Services

A universal tool that is cheaper than other types of advertising with the ability to show ads to selected groups of people with specific interests.

Quality SMM will give you


A tool that will make your company recognizable and bring the target audience to a purchase

Targeted ads can be launched from ready-made posts in your profiles

Quick Launch Campaigns

Social media advertising allows you to show ads to people who match the portrait of your target audience, the targeting settings are very detailed. You can show an ad to a granny who is interested in MTV, and not Alla Pugacheva

The target audience

Targeted advertising is constantly optimized based on the received data, which gives incredibly high results in a short time

Efficient tuning
and management

Targeted advertising allows you to sell your services and products without a website

Launch without a website

You can start with $30, but we recommend focusing on $500 - this is the amount that will bring real results within several cities

Low starting entry

Inova14 agency is an official partner of Facebook!

The partner badge is awarded only to companies that perform work in accordance with Facebook's quality standards.

There are 3 partner statuses:
Account, Preferred and Premium.
Inova14 has Account and Preferred statuses.

What do these statuses give?
Access to content and tools from Facebook to help us
work with advertising even more efficiently, as well as access to the partner catalog, technical support and customer support chat. As a result, the quality of work with advertising increases, and all questions and problems are resolved faster.

What is targeted advertising and

why is it needed?

Many advertising agencies, as well as SMM-specialists and freelancers, insist that you need to set up targeted advertising in order to promote on Instagram and Facebook. But not all business owners understand what it is, how it works, and do not dare to order a target for their project, because they think that it is enough to create a beautiful account on the social network and set more hashtags, and customers will come. But they do not come, and in such a situation, many give up, deciding that selling on social networks is not for them, it is useless and generally a waste of money. Let's dispel these stereotypes.

Targeting services are ordered when they want not only to attract any kind of subscribers, but more, but when they understand that they need to “hit” clearly into the audience that is interested in your product and is more likely to become a client and place an order. Targeted advertising warms up and maintains the interest of the audience, increases brand awareness and helps to gather this same audience. A "cold" audience usually does not think about buying or ordering something from an unfamiliar company right now. Therefore, you need to “introduce” her to you, make sure that you become almost “theirs” for them.
For example, you want to sell your product only in Odessa or even in all of Ukraine. We will determine which people in this region will be most interested in you: gender, age, interests, occupation, income level. After all, if the price of your products is too high for most potential customers, it makes no sense to attract students, teenagers, or other insolvent audience.

To effectively influence a cold audience through Instagram, you need to order targeted advertising from trusted specialists, then create a unique selling proposition (USP) that will highlight your project, offer a tempting promotion, create a bright and attractive banner or video, write enticing text. After that, set up an advertisement for the right audience and analyze what worked. Next, we will interact with those users who paid attention to us - clicked, liked, etc. Already having an idea about you, people will make decisions about ordering a product or service faster.

Even if you do not have a website or you are not yet ready to order it, it will be enough for you to create a beautiful, interesting and informative account on the social network, and sell your services or products even just through direct. But in order for your account to be noticed and visited, you must definitely order targeting services, otherwise you will be waiting for your customers for a very long time.

What does the targeted advertising service include?

  • 1

    Basic audit

    In our agency, not one specialist, but a whole team is working on launching a target. First of all, we do a basic audit of your resources: Instagram and Facebook accounts, website, links, integrations, etc.

  • 2

    Goal definition

    We determine the essence of the advertisement: attract new subscribers, advertise a promotion or service, introduce you to a cold audience, etc.

  • 3

    Banners or videos for ads

    Here it is important to take into account that the advertisement should look organically in the feed - like a post, only with the “advertising” mark. Another important point is that most people first look at the picture / video, and then read. Therefore, the banner or video should have the main catchy information that will encourage you to open the post and learn more.

  • 4

    Engaging texts and descriptions

    We write enticing and catchy texts and descriptions for a service or product. In the text, we already talk in more detail about the promotion, service or brand. Here it is important to attract the attention of the user, to interest, to make it clear that your offer will be useful to him, but not to reveal all the cards at once. You need to intrigue and make you want to click on the link to find out more. And the sales managers will tell you the rest. At this stage, it is important to control the sales staff so that they do not miss a single application.

  • 5

    Running ads

    We launch promotion on the necessary resources and for a specific audience.

  • 6

    Improving Efficiency

    When the predicted results are achieved, we scale the ads to increase their effectiveness.

  • 7

    Visual elaboration of the mesh

    This stage includes the design study of the visual part, based on the wishes of the client and the preferences of the target audience.


70$ 200$

Package for start-up businesses, startups. For those who are starting their way of promotion in the field of digital and want to "try / feel" the possibilities and get the first results for a small budget. On average, 2-4 months is enough to determine the effectiveness of this promotion method for yourself and reach a new level of promotion -> Standard package

Capabilities: Formation of a basic promotion strategy

Promotion of posts (inst/fb): up to 20 posts

Number of advertising campaigns: 1pc (product/service)

Development of static creatives: up to 3 banners

Development of dynamic creatives:

Writing texts (copywriter):Advertising budget: up to $250

Reporting: 1 r\m, chat

Communication: Chat with a specialist, 1 p\n

Add-ons (optional/necessary): for a fee

Restrictions: when paying for 2 months

220$ 400$

A package for a small operating business that already has results and an understanding of the need to strengthen its presence on the network. It is also time to start structuring and scaling the business.

Opportunities: Basic audit of the existing marketing system, development of a promotion strategy

Promotion of posts (inst/fb): up to 20 posts

Number of advertising companies: 3pcs (product / service)

Development of static creatives: up to 15 banners

Development of dynamic creatives: 1 video

Writing texts (copywriter): up to 5 pieces

Advertising budget: up to $1500

Reporting: 1 r\m, Google doc

Communication: Chat with a specialist, r\n

Add-ons (optional/necessary): for a fee

Restrictions: -

350$ 550$

An in-depth audit of the existing marketing system, the formation of a long-term promotion strategy, the development of a marketing funnel

Opportunities: In-depth audit of the existing marketing system, formation of a long-term promotion strategy, development of a marketing funnel

Promotion of posts (inst/fb): up to 30pcs

Number of advertising companies: 6pcs (product / service)

Development of static creatives: up to 50 banners

Development of dynamic creatives: up to 10 videos

Writing texts (copywriter): up to 10 pieces

Advertising budget: from $1500

Reporting: dynamic + ROI (if necessary)

Communication: Chat with experts, daily if needed

Add-ons (optional/necessary): TikTok channel connection, pause up to 14 days, starting from 6 months

Restrictions: -

Business Pro
от 500$

A package for a running system business that already has results. The goal of the package is to scale results and increase profits. Cooperation is based on measurable and guaranteed indicators, on the basis of which the cost of services is calculated.

Opportunities: Advanced audit of the existing marketing system and all Digital traffic channels, the formation of a long-term promotion strategy, the development of a marketing funnel, the formation of KPI

Post promotion (inst/fb): individually

Number of advertising companies: individually

Development of static creatives: individually

Development of dynamic creatives: individually

Writing texts (copywriter): individually

Advertising budget: from $2000

Reporting: dynamic + ROI (if necessary)

Communication: Chat with experts, daily if needed

Add-ons (optional/necessary): TikTok channel connection, pause up to 14 days, starting from 6 months

Restrictions: only projects with a history of 6 months or more, if KPI is met + 20% to pay / if KPI is not met -20% to pay


Targeted advertising on Facebook

Facebook is one of the top sites in terms of the number of users and visits. Here you can find an audience for business from almost any niche. The Facebook audience is very different - from students and housewives to mature and wealthy people, businessmen and specialists in any field.

Advertisements are integrated in the feed, stories or among contacts in the user's messenger. Facebook gives you great targeting options so you don't run ads all over the place, but set them up to attract leads that are as close to your target audience as possible.
Targeted ads on Instagram
It is an ideal platform to increase brand awareness and sell products and services where quality and appearance are equally important.

Advertisements will be placed in the feed and stories, from which the user will be able to immediately go to your profile, direct or website. If you plan to lead potential customers to your account, then it will be most effective to order targeting in combination with the SMM service. A well-designed Instagram profile in itself does not work for sales, but it will increase audience loyalty, and it will be easier to turn a subscriber into a client.

Answers to frequently asked questions:

Our services:
Target →
Advertising that accurately targets the gender, age, interests, geography of your client. Thanks to this, we can predict the number of applications for your product.

Analysis, setup and optimization of advertising campaigns to get the most effective results on Google

Promotion in social networks, creating a set of actions to increase brand awareness, increase sales and create contact with the client
Design →
Development of a logo, identity (corporate identity and branding), banners for advertising and printed materials
Website development →
Development of design and content of the site, taking into account all the goals, implementation of the necessary functionality for maximum conversion to the application
A set of works to increase the visibility of the site in search engines for the targeted queries of your business
Facebook Ads →
In order to promote your brand in social networks, you need to order targeted advertising, otherwise your even a very well-designed page will simply not be found.
Instagram Ads→
Here you can sell almost anything, but the most relevant will be to buy ads on instagram to promote products that are not usually searched for on Google.
SMM strategy →
SMM strategy is one of the parts of the entire business marketing strategy. Its main mission is to convey and broadcast the right brand communication in social networks.
by target →
Do you have your own business and have you decided to promote it through social networks? Where to begin? We recommend that you first get a consultation with us on targeted advertising.
Targeted advertising audit →

Launched targeted advertising on Facebook or Instagram, but the result does not justify itself? No need to put an end to this type of advertising - it is better to contact our specialists for advice.

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